The Modish toothbrush station is designed to store bamboo toothbrushes in an inverted position. This helps your family’s toothbrushes drain away excess moisture. Storing a bamboo toothbrush in a conventional container can lead to water pooling and mould growth in the humidity of a bathroom. The station also provides a handy shelf to keep toothpaste etc off your vanity.

Two pocket holes, drilled below the holder, allow for easy fixing to the wall. Do not over-tighten screws. An alternative to fixing with screws, is to try fixing to the wall with a couple of dabs of fast-setting superglue.

Wooden “spacers” are used between each stainless steel clip (304 grade) for hygiene purposes. There are two sizes of spacers available, allowing the holder to accommodate up to six brushes – please see pictures.

Made from high grade macrocarpa – wood colour ranges from white – pink – red – grey.

Choice of three finishes:
-two coats of plant-based natural oil followed by our special beeswax polish
-the vegan option of two coats of plant based oil
-two coats of plant-based oil, then varnished

Choose the number of clips you require at checkout. Measures 180mm long x 70mm deep (out from wall).

Brushes not included. Due to the variety of wall types, screws are not provided.

NB – if out of stock, please add your email address in the blue “out of stock” window that will appear – you’ll receive an email when the item is back in stock (usually only a few days for this item).