Soap Slab Splitter


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Soap Slab Splitter

Our Soap Slab Splitter is designed to cut your slab of soap in to loaves. It’s the perfect match for our Soap Slab Mould with Silicone Liner.

Modish Soap Slab Splitter

The Modish soap slab splitter comes with two adjustable height settings for the wire.

The 6cm position allows 5 loaves to be cut from our slab, while the 7.5cm position allows 4 loaves to be cut.  In both cases there will be a small slither of soap remaining.

The slab is oriented vertically when cutting, so these measurements equate to the width of your loaf.

If you use a different slab mould or would prefer different (or extra) wire height settings, please contact us at time of ordering.

Moving the Wire
To move the wire from one cutting height to another, loosen the pegs on each side, then move the wire to the new position.  Instructions are included when shipped.



Q. What is the difference between the Soap Slab Splitter (this item) and your soap slab cutter?

A. The Soap Slab Splitter is smaller, easier to store, and more affordable. It simply cuts slabs of soap in to loaves, so is ideal if you already have a bar cutter. The slab cutter on the other hand, also cuts the loaves in to bars and is a more versatile product.

Soap Slab Splitter from above

A wooden table “stop” underneath the cutter, allows it to be butted to the edge of the work table

This item is made from plywood and macrocarpa, and finished with natural plant oil.



Making the Cut

With the slab sitting vertically in the cutting bay, push it from the bottom near the base. Check our video below to see. Slowly move the slab up to the wire and use a constant/steady motion to slide the slab through the wire i.e. don’t “slam” the slab in to the wire.

As with all wire soap cutter, if the soap doesn’t glide through the wire, or you feel there is too much resistance as you push it through the wire, STOP and back-out of the cut. It is likely the soap has cured too long before cutting – the wire may break if you continue






The overall width is 31cm and height of metal bar (for wire mounting) is 9cm. The length of the splitter is 44cm. The area to slide the slab is 10cm wide.

A work space deeper than 44cm is recommended so there is enough room for follow through when the slab is pushed through.


Wipe with a brush to clear surfaces of soap and botanicals, then a damp cloth to wipe down. Allow to dry naturally, out of direct sunlight.

Support – purchasers are welcome to contact Modish for support in the use of this item. If you happen to break a wire, please contact Modish for a replacement and guidance for winding. Please be extremely careful if you are removing or installing a new wire. The ends are particularly sharp and safety glasses must be worn.

NB – this cutter is not suitable for melt and pour soaps.

The soap slab splitter can be purchased as a pre-order. Your cutter is then made to order – the typical wait time is two-three weeks to shipping. To check the current wait time before ordering, please message us

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