Loaf Mould Box and Silicone Liner – 43cm


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Our easy to assemble Loaf Mould Box and Silicone Liner – 43cm (16″)  makes unmoulding a long loaf of soap a breeze.

The interlocking mould box provides a snug fit for its accompanying silicone liner.

To unmould, simply remove the sides of the interlocking box to remove your loaf.

The silicone liner eliminates the need to mess around measuring and lining with paper.

The liner leaves a smooth and unwrinkled finished product.

A single or double version of the Loaf Mould Box and Silicone Liner, can be selected at checkout.

The silicone liner that comes with the box has internal measurements of  43cm x 7.8cm wide x 6.8cm high and holds 2.2 litres of soap batter.

A plywood lid is included.


Long loaf single mould box top view

Single loaf mould box with silicone liner



Long loaf double mould box

Double loaf mould box with silicone liner


The long mould box and silicone liner, work as a great combination with our open-ended multi bar soap cutter, pictured here (coming soon!)

open ended multi cutter

Open-ended multi cutter – prototype


Loaf Mould Box and Silicone Liner – 43cm

The soap mould box 

  • simple to assemble and take apart when un-moulding
  • easy-to-clean box pieces
  • wear and tear/stretching of the silicone liner is reduced
  • no fighting with lining paper!
  • base can be used as a tray to un-mould your soap on, then gripped for easy moving.
  • double model allows easy pouring in same working space
  • stores flat to save space
  • double model is useful for making two loaves at the same time – can make both the same or use different pigments in each
  • easy to grip the base, allowing the mould to be lifted easily to bang out air pockets after the pour.
  • lid included

Made here in NZ by Modish, using plain untreated plywood, this unique interlocking soap mould box holds a registered IPONZ design number 428256.

Care of wooden box-  wipe with a damp cloth if needed.  Do not immerse in water and store out of direct sunlight.



Free shipping NZ wide.   Please allow 1-2 weeks from ordering for making the wooden mould box.

Check out our video – this shows our square mould box. The loaf mould box and silicone liner is assembled in the same manner-


Long loaf mould size

Single, Double


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