Multi bar Soap Cutter for Long Loaves


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Multi bar Soap Cutter for long loaves

The Modish multi bar soap cutter for long loaves is ideal for soapers using long moulds.

It comes standard with 10 stainless steel wires at the widely used 25mm spacing.  If you prefer a different spacing, please contact Modish prior to purchase, to discuss.

With the handle down, it measures 38cm wide x 44cm deep x 28cm high (38cm W x 62cm Dx 44cm H when handle raised).

It is made from macrocarpa timber and plywood.  The cutter is finished with natural plant oil.


Loaf Dimensions

  • length – the cutting area is spacious, allowing for loaves of any length.  A wooden block is provided to support long loaves before, during, and after the cut.
  • height and depth – easily handles loaves up to 12cm x 12cm, ideal for loaves with piped or botanical tops.
  • if cutting a loaf that has botanicals, orientate the loaf so the botanicals are nearest the baseplate i.e. closest to the exit point as the wire completes the cut.    This prevents small particles being drawn through the soap which may leave “lines” on the soap.

NB – this cutter is not suitable for melt and pour soaps.

Our multi bar soap cutter for long loaves has a unique cut and trim peg.
This peg can be rotated and placed in the end slot of the cutting board in one of two positions – it can even be removed completely.

In the trim position, the first wire will trim the first few millimetres from the loaf.  This is handy if the end of the loaf is uneven.

If the end of the loaf is smooth and even, use this peg in the cut position to cut the first bar.  See the following pictures or watch the video.


multi bar soap cutter for long loaves - trim/spacing peg
Trim/Spacing peg in trim position


multi bar soap cutter for long loaves - trim/spacing peg
Trim/Spacing peg in cutting position


Instructions for the Multi bar Soap Cutter for Long Loaves

For best results – cut loaves as soon as possible after un-moulding.  This may be while it is still slightly warm, e.g. for recipes with a high percentage of coconut oil.

Do not over-tighten wires. Wires should be tight but with slight flex when pressed with your finger.  It is shipped with the wire tension set at “best guess”.

The wire ends have been doubled-over to prevent injury.

You will need to experiment to find the ideal cutting time for your particular recipes.

Clear the cutting base – use a brush and/or damp cloth to remove debris.

-Wipe the wires with a damp cloth before the cut, then raise the cutting arm.

-Check the position/orientation of the trim/spacing peg – see pictures above.  For long loaves, place the wooden support block in position.

-Position the loaf on the cutting base – check it is aligned against the front fence and trim/spacing peg to the right.

-Gently lower the arm onto the loaf.

-Use a slow, steady, and consistent motion to draw the cutting wires through the loaf.  Try not to stop in the middle of the cut.

-If you feel the soap binding and becoming too difficult to push through the loaf, STOP as continuing the cut will break the wires.  If this happens, your soap has been cured too long before the cut.

-The wires will “ping” when exiting the loaf.

-Remove each soap and check the edges – smooth with glove or a damp cloth.

-Raise the arm, slide the remaining loaf onto the cutting plate and repeat for next cut etc.


Cleaning – use a brush to clear surfaces of soap and botanicals, then a damp cloth to wipe down.  Do not dry in direct sunlight.


Support – purchasers are welcome to contact Modish for support in the use of this item e.g. replacement wires and guidance for winding.

Please be extremely careful if you are removing or installing a new wire. The ends are particularly sharp and safety glasses must be worn.

The Multi bar Soap Cutter for Long Loaves is a time consuming build.

The turn-around time is approximately 2-3 weeks, depending on work load.

This item can be purchased as a pre-order. Your multi bar soap cutter for long loaves is then made to order.

To check the current wait time before ordering, please message us.

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