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Products available at Modish

Multi bar soap cutter
NZ $380.00
Modish Dish Swish on sink
Compact and functional soap shaker.
NZ $35.00
solid wood soap dish - front angled
Crafted from a single piece of wood.
NZ $12.00
Toothbrush station for bamboo brushes, on green tiles
Allows excess moisture to drain.
NZ $35.00
Compact and functional soap shaker.
Out of Stock
NZ $35.00

Modish overview

Modish owner, Rich Dugan
Kia ora, I started Modish, a small design and build retail studio, mid 2019, as I was looking for a change in direction after several years in management. Good contemporary design and working with wood have always been my passion. Even as a small child I was always tinkering in the garage alongside my father. Modish brings together years of design-and-make skills, and my passion for quality “made-to-last” household items. Being eco-friendly and zero waste are important aspects of the Modish vision.

I have a number of products available on the Modish website and a catalogue of designs and creative wooden pieces which is growing all the time. Plus, ideas aplenty!

Most products are available with wholesale pricing – please complete the contact form and I’ll be in touch.

All wooden pieces are designed and hand-crafted in my South Canterbury home workshop. I also design a variety of durable stainless steel products, and have registered designs for my popular Dish Swish soap shaker (also known as a soap cage) and Soap Step soap dish, both manufactured to my specifications, in New Zealand and off-shore.

Thanks to all current and future customers.


Posts, Highlights, and News.

Instagram-logo-small August 1, 2020 multi-bar soap cutter

Our latest product, the multi-bar soap cutter is just released. Cuts a loaf into 25mm bars. Available on our website.  See post. 

facebook logo July 17, 2020 NZ made Dish Swish Industrial model

NZ made soap shaker! Our locally made version of our popular Dish Swish soap shaker is finally available after months of development. Buy NZ made and support local workers while eliminating kitchen waste from detergent bottles. Follow the link to find out more, cheers Rich See post.

facebook logo June 12, 2020 soap step soap dish

Hate soggy soap? Our NZ made Soap Step will keep your soap high and dry. It’s made from easy-to-clean stainless steel and will last a life time. Available at https://www.modish.co.nz in counter-top or wall-mounted styles. #madeinnz #nzmade #nzmadeanddesigned #nzmadeproducts See post.

Instagram-logo-small May 16, 2020 routing-soap-dish

Just made, 42 of our new soap dishes. The smell of macrocarpa (Cypress) in the workshop is amazing! See post.  

facebook logo May 11, 2020dish-washing-soap-with-Modish-soap-basket

Yes! Modish is now stocking natural dish washing soap made by Aoraki Naturals. This soap is an ideal match for our popular Dish Swish soap shaker. No palm oil and made with natural ingredients, it leaves dishes sparkling and doesn’t leave streaks. Hand washing dishes in a soap shaker/cage with a specially formulated soap such as this, is a great plastic-free alternative to detergent based liquids. See post.

Instagram-logo-small April 21, 2020 Wooden%20soap%20dish%2C%20one%20piece%2C%20NZ%20made%20by%20Modish

Busy preparing a batch of our one-piece wooden soap dishes. Made from macrocarpa (aka cypress) and machined on the router to give a tapered draining groove. Finished with natural plant oil. See post.  

facebook logo March 10, 2020  Soap Step

Modish is pleased to introduce our new product, the Soap Step. Designed by Modish and made in NZ, this stainless steel soap dish is durable, easy to clean, and its industrial design looks great! Available in two styles, counter-top or wall-mounted. BUY ONCE, USE FOREVER! Check out the counter-top soap step  or wall-mounted soap step.      See post.

Modish blog icon Comment from Modish - Using a Soap Shaker

Washing dishes with a bar of soap is nothing new. Soap shakers, or soap cages, were commonly used from the 1920s to 1980s. Bars of soap, usually tallow based, were used in the wire soap cage. Small soap scraps could be added so they were not wasted.

Soap shakers went out of fashion with the manufacture of dishwashing detergents and the increase in people using dishwashing machines. Many of these synthetic detergents, although great at cleaning, are often made with toxic ingredients which many people find irritating on their skin. They are also not good for the environment, as they contain chemicals which end up in waste water systems. The other major downside with this trend, was the increase in the use of plastic packaging to store these liquid products. That’s gone even further now, with some of our powdered cleaning products also being stored in plastic containers.

So, by using a soap cage and eco-friendly hand-made natural soap, we can reduce plastics, lessen the harmful chemicals entering our eco-system, and save money for dish washing. It appears our grandparents knew best!

Modish blog icon Comment from Modish - Tips for dish washing with soap bars in a shaker

Congratulations! You’ve made the move to using a bar of dish washing soap in a soap shaker to wash the dishes. You’ve joined a growing movement that’s eco-friendly as it reduces plastics, prevents harsh chemicals going down the drain, and will likely save you money as you won’t need to use a dishwasher.

At the beginning of your new journey, you might need some time to adjust and a little perseverance may be needed.

One major difference is to understand that you are using soap, not a detergent. Chemically, these are two different things. You’re ditching the synthetic surfactants in a detergent and replacing these with natural oils in a soap formulated for cleaning. This means there are some things to consider.

Just like standing on a bar of soap in the shower, you may notice the dishes are slippery. It might take time to get used to items sliding out of your hand.

Some people may be disappointed to find their new bar of dish washing soap and new soap shaker don’t produce the bubbles expected. There can be many reasons for the lack of bubbles, one being the brand of soap you are using. Some brands cause streaks, due to their particular recipe. You can easily try a few and find one that works for you.

Water temperature can also affect the volume of bubbles produced. In general, having the water temperature as hot as possible can assist with bubble formation, hot to the point where you may need to wear gloves. Some people find washing in a large bowl placed in the sink, helps bubbles last. Keep in mind though – we have used detergent cleaners for years and have become accustomed to seeing bubbles, but, the real truth is that soap bubbles are not essential – they do not do the cleaning. The dissolved soap does the cleaning.

If you try these things and still feel you are struggling to get the dishes clean, you may live in an area prone to water hardness. Water hardness is caused by minerals leeching through limestone. If your water supply comes from such an area, it could be the hardness of your water is preventing your soap from doing its job. If your kettle is forever forming limescale inside, it’s likely you live in such an area. The good news is that most of New Zealand has soft water.

Choosing a brand of soap specifically made for dish washing and increasing the water temperature are two very simple changes you can make to get the best out of washing dishes with your vintage style soap cage or shaker.

facebook logo July 13, 2019  soap shaker

Soap shaker - after months of testing, my new contemporary design, the Dish Swish soap shaker is available. It's sturdy, compact, and easy to use. Stands upright or can be hung between uses. Made of stainless steel, it's built to last - move away from plastic bottles and detergents.  See post.