Single Arm Wire Soap Cutter


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Single Arm Wire Soap Cutter

The Single Arm Wire Soap Cutter is a sturdy and accurate cutter.

If your current model of cheap cutter has been disappointing and left you with crooked cuts, and a slab cutter or multi-bar cutter are over-the-top for you, then this is a great option.

Single arm wire soap cutter front left

The tension on the moving arm is adjusted to suit with wing nuts. This means you can control the arm action to achieve an accurate cut.

This is not a flimsy build. It has a double thickness plywood arm and accommodates loaves of any length, up to 14cm high x 12cm wide, perfect for botanicals and high-tops.

Made from furniture grade plywood and finished with natural plant oil.




  • Durable double skinned plywood arm.
  • Large capacity loaf size – max loaf size of any length x 14cm high x 12cm wide.
  • Adjustable slider – cuts from a few mm’s and expands out to about 80mm.
  • Hand rest is contoured for comfort when cutting – see images.
  • Accurate and consistent cuts.
  • Adjustable tension on the arm action.


When the arm is down, the cutter measures 40cm wide (excluding sliding measuring adjuster) x 44cm deep x 27cm high. With the arm up, the height increases to 49cm.


Single arm wire soap cutter raised


How to use the Single Arm Wire Soap Cutter

For best results – cut loaves as soon as possible after un-moulding.
Raise the arm.
Adjust the measurement guide and pinch down the wing nut to lock.
Place the loaf of soap on the cutting plate, sliding it to the right to hit the measurement guide and make sure it is flush on the FRONT guide wall – see video below.
Gently lower the cutting arm on to the soap and use steady pressure to glide the wire through the loaf.
Remove the bar and repeat.


Cleaning – use a brush to clear surfaces of soap and botanicals, then a damp cloth to wipe down.

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The Single Arm Wire Soap Cutter is a time consuming build. The turn-around time is approximately 3 weeks, depending on work load.

NB – this cutter is not suitable for melt and pour soaps.

NB – minor assembly required. The arm is shipped detached from the base – you will need to attach it and slide the hinge bolt through the arm – very easy.

If you happen to break a wire, replacements are available here.

Check out the videos of our other products on the Modish YouTube channel.

If out of stock, the Single Arm Wire Soap Cutter can be purchased as a pre-order. Your cutter is made to order – the typical wait time is three to four weeks to shipping. To check the current wait time before ordering, please contact us.