Soap Mould Box – choose your measurements – easy to use


Soap Mould Box

Our customised plywood soap mould box, is made to the size you specify. This makes them ideal for non-standard sizes.  Now there’s an affordable way to choose the size YOU want.

These come without a liner, giving you the choice to line with your preference e.g. paper, non-stick BBQ mat, or silicone baking mat (the blue mat shown in pictures).

Soap mould box - custom made - lined with paper
Customised soap mould box, lined with paper.


The mould box uses grooves to position the pieces correctly, then bolts together with easy-to fix-wing nuts to secure and lock all pieces together.

To unmould the soap, simply loosen the wing nuts, turn the box over and remove the loaf of soap.

plywood soap mould box - custom made - one with silicone liner
Mould box lined with silicone baking mat.











Care Instructions – remove soap residue with a scraper and wipe with a damp cloth.  Dry out of direct sun.

Prices start from $30

Here’s a video showing assembly-

Complete the following form and we’ll send you a quote to make a plywood soap mould box, to your sizing. NB – there is no liner included.

Be sure to provide the inside measurements of the box and exclude the thickness of the liner you will be using.



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