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The Modish multi-bar soap cutter accommodates a wide range of soap moulds. It has 12 stainless steel wires at the widely used 25mm spacing.

This is a time consuming build. The turn-around time is approximately 3 weeks, depending on work load. If out of stock, you wish to discuss a customised design, or would like to know the current turn-around time, please use the enquiry form below.

The solid plywood base measures 410mm wide x 340mm deep (410mm deep when handle raised). The handle measures 480mm wide. The top frame and handle are made from macrocarpa timber. The cutter is finished with natural plant oil. The wire ends have been doubled-over to prevent injury - you may wish to tape over the ends as well.

Loaf Dimensions - the maximum physical loaf length = 330mm. If the loaf is placed against the end plate, this would give 12 bars at 25mm plus one 30mm off-cut. A loaf measuring 90mm high with depth of 140mm, would still have a little clearance on all sides.

Note that the loaf can also be placed on its side for cutting - particularly useful if the loaf has botanicals.

A “spacer” block is included (slightly smaller than the width of a bar) so you can cut a slither end piece at the first wire position if you wish.

We have tested this design on various soap recipes, both cold and hot process. To prevent too much tension on the wires, it is advisable to cut your loaf as soon as possible after it is ready. This may be while it is still slightly warm, e.g. for recipes with a high percentage of coconut oil. As with all soap cutters, you will need to experiment to find the ideal cutting time for your particular recipe.

If cutting multiple loaves, you will need to wipe the wires between cuts. You may need to quickly check the wire tension by adjusting the keys as required. Do not over-tighten wires. Wires should be tight but with slight flex when pressed with your finger.

Instructions for use 

For best results - cut loaves as soon as possible after un-moulding.
  1. Check the tension of the wires. Clear the cutting base - brush or use a damp cloth to remove debris. Wipe the wires with a damp cloth before the cut.
  2. Raise the cutting arm. Align the loaf on the base flush against the vertical end and/or side stops. Insert the spacer block if this is being used - this is rectangular - choose the orientation you prefer. If cutting a loaf that has botanicals, orientate the loaf so they are at the bottom, nearest the baseplate.
  3. Lower the arm onto the loaf. Use a slow, steady, and consistent motion to draw the cutting wires through the loaf. Try not to stop in the middle of the cut. The wires will "ping" when exiting. the loaf. Please watch the videos.
  4. Remove each soap and check the edges - smooth with glove or a damp cloth.

Cleaning - use a brush to clear surfaces of soap and botanicals, then a damp cloth to wipe down.

If you would prefer a soap cutter with different dimensions, please contact Modish to discuss. There may be an extra charge to customise.

Support - purchasers are welcome to contact Modish for support in the use of this item. If you happen to break a wire, please contact Modish for a replacement and guidance for winding. Please be extremely careful if you are removing or installing a new wire. The ends are particularly sharp and safety glasses must be worn.

NB - untested on melt and pour soaps.

Free shipping NZ wide. If you would like to pay for this item in instalments, please use the product enquiry form below, to discuss.

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