Wide Slab Soap Cutter


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The Wide Slab Soap Cutter is designed to cut wide slabs into loaves, then if you wish, the loaves in to bars. Having an open side means it can be used by soapers who use wide slabs or long loaves, easily accommodating a slab or loaf 65cm long (longer if supported) by 32cm deep and maximum of 15cm high.

Wide Slab Soap Cutter

This model is an alternative to our two-sided slab cutter, which is designed to complement our interlocking slab mould and liner for smaller slabs approximately 30cm x 30cm.

This sliding tray slab cutter is made from furniture grade plywood and macrocarpa, and finished with natural plant oil. A choice of metal ball bearing drawer sliders or wood sliders is available – you are welcome to contact us if you wish to discuss. Please mention your preference in the order notes or email.

Features of the Wide Slab Soap Cutter include-

  • Adjustable measuring stop (from a few mm to 120mm) and stainless steel ruler.
  • A wooden “table stopper” underneath the cutter, allows it to be butted to the edge of the work table.
  • Rubber stoppers prevent the tray hitting the cutting wire.
  • Clamps can be placed between the side “ribs” for fixing to a table edge if required, or can be screwed permanently to the work table.
  • Can be stored vertically on its side – see pictures.

wide slab soap cutter

Depth – A work table 60cm deep is recommended so there is enough room when the tray is “in” i.e. when the cut is completed. Tables less than 60cm can be used by clamping or screwing the unit to the work bench – you are welcome to contact Modish prior to ordering to discuss.
The overall width is 58cm and height from table to the top of the peg is 30cm. The maximum cut to the right of the wire is 12cm and is open to the left of the wire to accommodate wide loaves. Maximum height of soap slab is 14cm. The inside tray depth is 32cm.

Shipping dimensions: (lxwxh) approx 58cm x 52cm x 34cm, with weight approx 10kg.



Wipe with a brush to clear surfaces of soap and botanicals, then a damp cloth to wipe down.

Support – purchasers are welcome to contact Modish for support in the use of this item. If you happen to break a wire, please contact us for a replacement and guidance for winding. Please be extremely careful if you are removing or installing a new wire. The ends are particularly sharp and safety glasses must be worn.

NB – this cutter is not suitable for melt and pour soaps.

Free shipping NZ wide. If you would like to pay for the Wide Slab Soap Cutter in instalments, please use the product enquiry form below, to discuss.

If out of stock, this item can be purchased as a pre-order. Your cutter is made to order – the typical wait time is three to four weeks to shipping. To check the current wait time before ordering, contact Modish.

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