Soap Cutter wire


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Soap Cutter wire

Replacement Soap Cutter wire is available for our range of multi-bar and slab cutters. Choose your model when checking-out to get the correct length.

This is the same type of wire we install in all our cutters.

Soap cutter wire closeup

The wires last quite well if the following “rules” to prevent wires breaking when cutting your soap are observed.

  • do not over-tighten the wire
  • make sure the soap has not cured too long before cutting – make sure it’s soft! Be careful with recipes with high coconut oil content and definitely do not use with “melt and pour” soap.


When you receive your replacement wire be careful handling it. Store it loosely – do not bend or put kinks in the wire (except when installing).

Please wear safety glasses as the wire used is springy and has sharp ends. The ends will easily stab your finger tips, so take care. You may wish to wear leather gloves.

There are many ways to wind the wires on the pegs. Watch how Modish winds the wires on YouTube.

Follow the step-by-step peg winding instructions.

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Cutter model

Single Arm Cutter, Slab Cutter, Slab Splitter, Multi-bar Cutter, Multi-bar cutter for long loaves