Silicone soap mould 25 cube (pre-used) – convenient – hard to source


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Silicone soap mould 25 cube (pre-used)

Pre-used top quality Silicone Soap Moulds with 25 cubes. These sturdy silicone moulds do not need to be supported by a wooden box.

Each cavity is 5.6cm x 5.6cm x 5.6cm. Fill cubes to your preferred height – a full cavity produces a soap 150-170g (depends on your recipe)

Outside dimensions are 31.5cm x 31.5cm x 6cm high.



These Silicone Soap Mould 25 cube moulds have been used for making soap, shampoo, and conditioner bars.

At checkout, choose between two grades-

A Grade
These moulds have been cleaned but there may be some remaining surface residue.

  • Some may have faded felt pen markings on the outside
  • There may be slight colouring to the silicone with lightly marked “pour” lines
    B Grade
    These moulds have been cleaned but there will be some remaining residue. They may have blemishes that can’t be removed, such as

    • “scale” on the silicone
    • discolouring on the silicone
    • slight warping on the bottom surface of the cavity
    • quite visible “pour lines”

    Some may have faded felt pen markings on the outside. None of these faults/blemishes will impede their use for soap making.


    To unmould the Silicone Soap Mould 25 cube, make sure your soap has hardened first.  This may take a few days (depending on your recipe)

    When solid, turn the mould over and gently push each cube out from the bottom.

    Handy tip – start by unmoulding the outside cubes and work to the centre.


    Hard to source, we have a large number of these pre-used moulds available.  Contact us for bulk lots.

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