Modular Display Shelves


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Modular Display Shelves

Our Modular Display Shelves are ideal to use for market display and/or shop display.

Features of the Modular Display Shelves

  • flat-packed – easily transported to and from markets.
  • interlocking components allow it to be assembled quickly. No screws, hinges etc.
  • allows stock to be displayed clearly and has space to attach pricing/info sheets etc. Paint in the colour of your branding
  • can be extended by adding another module when needed. You can join any combination – the 3 shelf to the 4 shelf model, the 3 shelf to the 3 shelf model, or 4 shelf to 4 shelf. Modules can be extended to cover the full length of your table or stand!
  • available in a number of configurarions; 3 shelf, 4 shelf, mdf or ply
  • shelves can be locked in to position, securing your stock. Modules can be connected together by a locking tab which is accessed from the back.

Choose from the three or four shelf model and preferred material (plain mdf or plain plywood) at checkout. If your preferred configuration is out-of-stock, you can order as a backorder. Depending on workload, the typical turn-around time for this item is one week.

modular display stands, joined

Four shelf and three shelf models locked together. (MDF and plywood)

The interlocking components make transportation and setting-up (and packing up) of the modular display shelves, easy.

Locking pegs are used to secure the shelves to the backing board.

modular display stands, rear locking tabs

Fitting locking pegs to secure shelves to rear.

Each three or four shelf module can be connected to another three or four shelf module by the use of locking pegs which are clipped from behind. See video below.

While not essential, if you plan to join two (or more) units together, you may wish to purchase single locking pegs (as shown in the video at the bottom of this page) to further secure the shelves. NB – single pegs are only available as an add-on, along with half shelves and replacement double pegs.

You can purchase extra modules as your business or inventory grows, or, as your budget allows.

modular display stand , joining 2 units

Rear view of locking pegs joining 3 shelf and 4 shelf models.

Measurements – shelves are 36cm wide x 8cm deep. The three shelf model is 45cm tall while the four shelf model is 59cm tall. Each shelf can store products up to 12cm in height. Made from 12mm thick mdf or plywood. Both models need approximately 30cm of table space behind the unit for the base legs.
Finishing – for MDF versions – it is advisable to “seal” the edges of mdf with solvent based primer i.e. do NOT use a water based primer. MDF will “swell” when exposed to water, making the shelves difficult to push in to the slots in the backing board. Plywood does not have these issues. For more information and tips about finishing, check out my comments here or read this useful guide.

modular display shelves painted parts4

Free NZ wide shipping. NB – due to building supply constraints, the texture / colour of plywood used may vary from time to time.


MDF, Plywood


3 Shelves, 4 Shelves


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